It Doesn’t Get any Cuter Than This!

Twin boys can be fun. They can be sweet. They can be mischievous. They can be messy. But, most of all they can be just so cute!
Scrap Plezier sent me a generous supply of  chipboard arrows in all different sizes and shapes, and I wanted to make good use of them. Arrows are really useful in design because they make great leading lines, drawing the viewer’s eye toward your subject.


I misted all the arrows blue to keep them somewhat cohesive with the boys outfits, and so that, even though they are all different, they all coordinate with each other.


This cute twine from Scrap Plezier adds texture, which I am a big fan of.


One of my goals this year was to add more journaling. Your journaling spot can also be your title by cleverly adding in alpha stickers. The alpha’s don’t have to match, just coordinate.


The top of the page shows a bright blue envelope flap, which is held closed by a decorative swirly green paperclip. I picked up this paperclip in the office supply section of a store. I love using office supplies on scrapbook pages! Oh, and that “envelope”? Yeah, that’s a CD holder. I am fresh out of envelopes, so I improvised! I wanted to include it so that I could tuck in a drawing that one of the twins made for me. (They are a little older now than what the picture shows) It’s just scribbles, but it’s the first one he gave to me. I started writing the date and the “artist’s” name on the back of the artwork I get from little people. It helps me remember who gave it to me =)


Abigail–Scrapbookista for Scrap Plezier


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