Travel Journal Page with Tommy Collection

I am so loving doing my honeymoon pics. Only 2 years late, lol! I wanted to use the CTMH Tommy collection because of this pretty cranberry cardstock that comes in it. Plus, it has a nautical theme to it and so that looks great with this pic of me sitting at the dock in Cozumel. I was waiting here for the new hubs to get back from walking down the long, long pier to our cruise ship. We had gotten off the boat, walked around a little and then tried to get money from an ATM. His bank refused it because it was outside of the USA. I remembered there was an ATM on the cruise ship and suggested he use that one, but I didn’t wanna walk all the way back. It really is a long pier! Anyway this is where he found me and took a pic of me before I saw him walking towards me. Yep, that’s me just chillin’ in Mexico all by myself.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these CTMH butterfliles! I wanted to stack them and so I painted one yellow so it would show up against the other one. Adding a butterfly to a circle gives the impression of movement.


Putting butterflies in a line (staggered or not) also gives the impression that they are flying.


I thought this little cork wood embellishment with the anchor and crown from the Tommy collection went very well with the nautical theme. I think the red and white twine looks like a rope. Very cool!


This pennant is from the Tommy collection, too.


This “moment” is from a border strip off of one the Tommy papers.


Abigail–Scrapbookista for Dr Phil


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