One of my oldest friends

You know how you have a few friends that you have just known forever? Well, Chuck is one of those friends. We have known each other since we were 12. His parents are like parents to me and he’s like a brother to me. This is one of his school pics, not sure which year. I think it’s high school, so that would be early 90’s era.  The hair is crackin’ me up, lol!

May-Project 01

I made these flowers by tearing long strips of paper and pleating them while turning them down onto a big glue dot. Top with a button and they are so cute!


I thought this nice clock, the clock paper underneath and the line of clocks on my banner were symbolic of the fact that 20 years has gone by since this is a photo of one of my oldest friends.


I really like how these flowers turned out! I also added the trains because I realized I made Chuck’s page all girly! It’s hard for me scrap for guys and little boys. I just love my blingy, shiney, pink supplies, lol!


Abigail–Scrapbookista for Scrap Plezier


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