Do You Scrap Your Recipes?

Do you scrap your recipes? I started making a personalized recipe book before I started scrapbooking! I hated knowing that I had the perfect cheesecake recipe, but which book was it in? And, then, sometimes you find the recipe only to realize that it  was similar, but it wasn’t the same perfect cheesecake that you loved before. Or you find a great recipe in a magazine and then tear it out to save it, but then you have all these loose papers lying around. I needed to organize them! So I started tearing out the recipes I loved and putting them into a binder with page protectors. So, when I started scrapbooking it seemed only natural to want to decorate those pages. When I got my box of goodness from Scrap Plezier I immediately noticed the food themed supplies. How fun is this?


Look at this cute stove/oven card! I also really like tabs and this one fit the theme perfectly with the table-cloth style red and white checker pattern. Check out that doily as well. Doilies are everywhere lately!


The border cluster at the top was made by layering and stacking a couple of die cut shapes, border strips and washi tape, finished off with staples.


The sentiment here on the die cut emblem is sooo true and sooo cute!


A few notes about scrapbooking your recipes that I have learned along the way. You probably don’t want to use a 12 x 12 book unless you have a lot of space in your kitchen. Just think about how you work in your kitchen and having a large 12 x 12 album open to your recipe and, well you get the picture.  Also, don’t make it too complicated with interactive layers, pull outs, folders, or envelopes. When you are in the middle of cooking you want to be able to glance at your recipe and quickly find what you need. Lastly, use page protectors! Food gets splashed, spattered and spilled and you don’t want spaghetti sauce “decorating” your beautiful pages. Unless you’re into that kinda thing. Then, by all means decorate your scrapbook pages with food! But, seriously thank you for letting me share a recent page from my recipe scrapbook. Now it’s your turn, go get crafty and share your creations with me on my FaceBook page. I can’t wait to see what you make =)



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