PhotoShop Fun with! has a feature called Fix It Friday where on a Friday they give you a great picture to edit. I love doing these because I love honing my skills in PhotoShop. And, because I need good photos of people to edit. I usually only end up photographing things. Inanimate objects. Why? Because as soon as I pull out my camera, my friends run! My cutie hubs is the worst. Ah, but that’s another story…

So here’s the photo I started with from Angie Arthur Photography. Not too bad, just needs some lighting adjustments and–wait! Is that a light pole? With a wire? That has to go! Well, a few minutes and several PhotoShop layers later…

Senior image taken in green field in Northeast Ohio.

…this is what I ended up with! I used a lens flare, which I am a big fan of when done properly. I also ended up cropping it severely. I just couldn’t get rid of that light pole any other way without spending hours and hours of editing time. Some brightness contrast adjustments, warming filters, Gaussian Blur, etc. Then, because I had cropped it so drastically, I lost the clarity in her face. So I used a couple of High Pass layers with a soft light blending mode.


I think it looks kinda cool. However, no Fix It Friday is ever complete without a B&W!


I’m a sucker for a black and white photo. They just have more glam and drama and artsy-ness!

I hope you enjoyed my edits and don’t forget to head over to IHeartFaces to try your hand at this!


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