Husband Wanted: Those with No Cooking Experience Need Not Apply

Ok, so, I didn’t exactly marry my husband because he can cook better then Emeril Lagasse. But, it certainly doesn’t hurt my feelings either!

I had dated, and dated. I was getting super bored and tired of meeting the same guy with a different face over and over again. But, Jerad was different from the start. On our first date he cooked dinner for me and my friend Mandy and his best friend Lucas and his wife Rachel (yes it was a group thing, but a first date for us). When he told me his plan, I was a little nervous for him. I mean, cooking on a first date could have been truly disastrous. How many things could go wrong!?!?!

But, he pulled it off quite nicely. He had the table set with all the linens and forks. He got flowers for the table, a perfect wine and even had appetizers ready when I arrived. Every detail was perfect! The main dish was the recipe here: Shrimp Fra Diavolo. Its a little bit spicy and a whole lot yummy. A perfect choice.

Mandy is NOT a fan of seafood. But, she ate it anyway (gotta love her!) She even said it wasn’t that bad. If you can get Mandy to eat shrimp, you got serious skillz!

The dinner went well and, as they say, the rest is history. He still cooks several nights a week. It’s super nice to have a personal chef!!!! Like I said, that’s not why I married him, but it certainly didn’t hurt, lol

Since this was such a special dish, I had to scrapbook it into my recipe scrapbook! Here is the scrapbook page of the famous dish!


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