A Love Story by Yours Truly

My husband and I have our dating/engagement album and our wedding albums. But, we have been married for 20 months now and we still have tons of romantical photos. Where should they live? So, I made a special album just for our, as yet unfinished, love story. I used one decorative office folder and about 5 Heidi Swapp Vintage Chic Memory File Folders. I also threw in a few 12 x 12 papers and some Heidi Swapp Vintage Chic Memory File Mini Folders. I placed them one inside another and stitched them together at the spine. I don’t recommend stitching that many at one time though. I broke one needle and threw the machine out of time!!! It is probably safer to stitch 3 at the most.

The outside folder is the decorative office file folder. I dressed it up by fussy cutting the flowers out of the Heidi Swapp Sugar Chic Beautiful paper. I cut up the rest of the paper into ribbon cut banner shapes and made a banner across the top. I also used the Webster’s Pages Bloomers in Pink across the bottom. Everything is so girly and soft and pretty!
These stickers are from the Teresa Collins Now and Then collection.
This is such a pretty banner across the top of the folder!!!
I made a closure for it out of Pink Paislee Mistables Resist paper and cut it on the design lines. I topped it with the Pink Paislee Mistables Resist Journal Tags and finally one of the flowers that I fussy cut.
This closure is really cool!
This is the inside first page. I used the Heidi Swapp Vintage Chic Paper to cover the inside of the folder on the left side. I made a photo stack with Heidi Swapp Vintage Chic and Teresa Collins Now and Then papers and one Heidi Swapp Vintage Chic Memory File Folder Mini cut in half for the left side. You just take the papers and cut them down to about 4-6 inches wide with varying lengths and then fold them with the Mini Folder halves and stitch them together at the fold. Just glue the back side of the papers to the folder and add photos! The right side has more cut outs from the Mistables paper, which makes the perfect banner! It is blank right now, but I plan to make tons more memories to fill it up with!!!!
This says it all about the theme of my book!
This fun journaling tag is a library card. The Author line has my name, the title line says “Reasons I Still Love You.” I added a short synopsis of the album on the lines for check out. The little tab is made from a cut out of the same Mistables papers I used on the closure. The fleur de lis is from the confetti left over from the border punch I used on some of the papers.
Lifting up the layers reveals more journaling and photos.
Journaling lends to the story of the picture below it. This is a chip board journaling tag from the Teresa Collins Now and Then collection.
These are some fun pics of my cutie that really show his personality.
This Heidi Swapp Memory File-File Labels V2 has journaling that describes all of my boo’s faces!
I love adding in handwritten journaling.
Look how many layers there are here! I have tons of room to add pics and this is only the first page!!!
And look how many pages there are! Don’t worry, I plan for this love story to go on and on….

If you love this album and want to make your own, check out the coupon code on my Discounts and Specials page at the top of my blog to receive 35% off of your next order of Heidi Swapp brand scrapbooking products from Flamingo Scraps!


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