Be True

I love this Bo Bunny paper so  much, especially the sentiment in the bottom left corner. Such an inspiring message to not take yourself too seriously or expect perfection from yourself. I thought about that for a long time and came up with this page.

I started by cutting the Bo Bunny paper down to a 10X10 size and distressing the edges and adhering it to a white card stock with my sewing machine. I wanted a super girly, feminine and soft look, to represent the “perfect”, mixed with some hard edges, ink splatters  and visible stitching to represent the not so “perfect.”

I love butterflies and use them on almost every page!

I love this sentiment sticker and thought it went well with the words on the Bo Bunny Paper. The stitching adds some interest, and keeps it from looking too “perfect.”

I love the ink spatter look and wanted to dress it up a bit by adding the tiniest little sparkles in over some of the spatters.

I stitched over the words on the Bo Bunny paper to coordinate with the stitching on the sentiment sticker.

I gotta have my bling! I love using fabric on pages. It adds dimension and depth and texture.

More little blings scattered randomly across the page.

More butterflies and flowers!

I dressed up this Teresa Collins butterfly with some blings…

…and this Close to My Heart butterfly with some bling as well.

I love little stick pins! This is a Close to My Heart pin!

There is so much detail and texture and dimension on this page!!! I love it!


8 thoughts on “Be True

  1. Ahhh Adrienne, you are so sweet! Everyone has their own style. I think you should listen to your own style and be true to yourself! And Regi, Thank you!!!! You are so sweet for supporting me and always being so positive. Can't wait to scrap with you soon!!!

  2. Ugh I've been spammed…And not even the edible kind. Well, if you could call it edible. Ham in a can. And, unabashedly promoting your own agenda on another person's blog. Somehow I think that The edible kind is the winner here…

  3. Abigail sweetie. I so wish I could scrapbook. I struggle enough with tags lol. Your girlie page is fantabulous and I am always in awe of your creativity. We are so lucky to have you as an ECLECTIC. Hugz Elaine aka Ellapu x

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