Photo Fun!

I decided to participate in the I Heart Faces Fix-It-Friday this week. It’s a super fun, informative website with all kinds of info, tutorials, and challenges on photography and photo editing. The Fix-It Friday is where they give you a photo and you edit it. Sometimes there is a slight challenge involved. This week the toddler in the photo has a red nose. You can see it very clearly in the original photo.

What a little Cutie! The Photographer’s notes and tutorial state that the red nose is from the outdoor temperature and lots of playing and running around. The Lighting is perfect, and the background very nice. It’s kinda hard to get this lighting in a studio, so the having to edit the red nose is a small price to pay to get the awesomeness into the shot!

This is my edited version.

I followed the tutorial as a loose guideline. I took more of the red out than the tutorial because I think the subject has the perfect glowy skin to match that perfect baby blonde hair. She also had slightly red ears from the cold, so I took the red out there, too. I also think that her eyes are mesmerizing so I upped the blue and added some “eye-lights”. I kept the red in her lips and whitened her teeth and the whites of her eyes. I super-cropped it to get up-close in her face and show off her gorgeous blue eyes. The final touch, adding a warming filter to put a natural color back into her perfect skin.

I also did a B&W version.

I like a more contrasty B&W with just a hint of chocolaty brown. I kept her eyes as the main focus of the pic by washing out her face just ever-so-slightly. I also added a hint of a vignette to give it a vintage feel.

Finally, this is an artsy version.

I washed out the entire pic except the eyes. I can’t help it, I just love her big blue eyes!!!

Be sure to visit the I Heart Faces website for the full tutorial on how to remove those red noses using a selective color adjustment layer. It is a step by step with pics. Very handy for those winter photos!


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