There’s a new challenge up at Eclectic Ellapu and I’m the hostess! I want to first of all thank all my great team members for their awesome can-do attitudes and their super crafty skills! This challenge is all about layering! Have you noticed how layers really dress up your project? The more layers, the more texture and detail and interest your project has. Layers add depth and dimension. They add character and color. The more layers the better I say.

This challenge also includes openable/interactive in the title. Basically this is just anything that makes your project interactive. There could be a hidden message that you have to lift a flap, or open a pocket and pull out a tag. On an altered project you could have the same thing with a mini curio with drawers that open to reveal hidden treasures. The basic idea is that the person looking at the project has to interact with it. Like a child’s book where the child has to move a swivel-y thing, or open a window or a door to see the rest of the page.

Difficult you say? Never! Card makers do all of this without really thinking about it. A card is open-able. In fact, you kind of have to open it to get the inside (hidden) message. Pocket style cards are perfect as well.

A fun story that you probably don’t know is that the reason I started making my interactive fun Scrapbook LO’s is I wanted to include my wedding invitation on a page. But I wanted to be able to see the inside and the outside. I just glued the back side to the page and left it folded and cut a slit in the plastic page protector to slide the front of the card out. This made it where the viewer had to lift the front of the card to see the inside, just like when you open the invitation after getting it in the mail. I loved it so much I started doing more and more interactive pages.

Check out the Purple team’s examples here to get the creative juices flowing. Show me how creative you can be and let the crafty fun happen!

Scrapbook Layout with liftable layers to reveal more pics



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