Back Porch Memories Sketch Challenge

This was a fun little page that I did for a Back Porch Memories sketch contest. I didn’t win, but I still wanted to share!

The sketch was perfect for these pics of my cutie hubs guitar playing pics. I get serenaded often. Swoon!!!
That pocket is a real pocket off of my fav pair of jeans. They got a hole in an inconvenient place and so I up-cycled the pockets for scrapbook embellishments!

These are real bottle caps from some of his fav beers. I chose to use fall leaves instead of flowers here because A) It seemed more manly and B) I was feeling super inspired by the fall leaves outside right now!
I love adding interactive elements to my LO’s and this pocket seemed like the perfect place to tuck something away into.

He loves his music!!!
This “title” wasn’t enough so I added…

…all the roles he plays in my life!

Thanks for letting me share!


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