Digital Fun!

This is a fun page I made for the Big Ideas Festival at Big Picture Classes last week! I love working with paper and scissors and glue, but the digi scrapbooking is fun, too!

The requirements for this project were simple. Scrapbook your real, everyday life, not just the pretty stuff. Well, this is pretty stuff to me, but you get the idea. I would normally never scrapbook a picture of beer bottle caps. But, I was cooking dinner and thinking about the class assignment. I thought I should take a picture of the stif-fry I was making. Then, I saw the collection of random bottle caps that hang out on  my kitchen counter until I remember to take them to the craft room to use on projects. It hit me that this should be my project. It just seemed right.

PS–For those of you who don’t know, Batman is what I call my husband. I’m not crazy. I don’t think the character “Batman” is real, nor do I believe he likes the same beer as me. Just a little FYI… =)


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