project MY life

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I have never been a paint by number kind of artist. I think the most beautiful part of art is the ability to imagine something in your head and transfer that vision to the physical world by creating something that is unique. That is what makes us human. Computers can generate “drawings” of a photo, but they cannot just dream up a beautiful scene and paint it. They have to start with some input. We already have that input. It’s called an imagination. I have one and I love it. I also love to use it!

I admit that I search the internet for inspiration and ideas. But, those are usually just a spark to get my creative juices flowing. Maybe its a picture of a dressing room armoire in a perfect eggshell white against a teal wallpaper. Maybe I see a red dress paired with silver and turquoise jewelry. Maybe I see a picture of a scrapbook page with a shape I like or a new technique I wanna try. But in the end, I wanna have the satisfaction of looking at the finished product and knowing that I made that and it is a unique extension of my imagination. I love the process, I love the cutting, the imagining, the combining of colors, the what if I just added this here or that there.

Scrapbooking is a great hobby because it is something different to each and every scrapbooker. My style is mine alone. Yours is yours alone. I love my own style but I can also appreciate and celebrate other people’s styles, too. I love seeing what my friends come up with and how that reflects their own unique personalities. If you have embraced the Project Life movement, have fun with it! But, as for me, I have discovered that I am not a Project Life girl.

But, there is something special that Project Life does and that is it encourages recording everyday stories and keeping the little memories that mean something. I started scrapbooking as a way to preserve my wedding photos and those are special. But, the lazy evening sitting beside my Boo on the couch is a special moment, too. So, I started my own little Project Life. I call it Project My Life.

Project My Life is a thing that I will do for myself to document my everyday special moments. I will not vow to do a photo a day, because that is just not that reasonable for me. What I will do is take more pics of those moments and/or have a journaling tag about those moments and keep them in a special monthly mini album that I will make and decorate. I just completed my first one for August and it turned out pretty cute!


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