Fun Little Mini Project!

How adorable are mini’s! Make anything smaller and the cuteness value goes up exponentially.

So fun!
Look at how cute they can look even from the back!

These little guys are fun to make and soooo cute sitting on a desk or night stand or bathroom shelf. I just use a double sided paper cut it down to a small rectangle (about 3×2 more or less). Then decorate, use a tiny little pic (totally not necessary, you could just add a cute little saying), embellish and then clip it with your clothes pin. I do find that sometimes you have to strategically add decorative paper clips or pennant sticks or whatever to equal out the balance. If you don’t want to add anything, just move the clothes pin toward the side that it falls to. So, if when you stand it up and it falls to the left, move the clothes pin towards the left side of the pic. It’s all about balance!!!

A few more notes: As you can see on these examples, I left the wood bare. But, don’t feel limited! You can paint or stain or whatever you do to add color. I love spraying them with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists! You can also hot glue embellishments to the clothes pin. Why not try a little journaling directly onto the wood? Just have fun and get crafty!!!!


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