Camera Fun

I love looking at photos. I am NOT the world’s greatest photographer, but I have access to some really awesome photography toys at work. Like a Cannon SLR and Photoshop. (BTW Photoshop is pretty pricey but you can purchase it’s little bro and/or sis — Elements and/or Light Room — for a fraction of the cost. Or just use the free online Photoshop editor which is kinda like Instagram on steroids). But, I also happen to be married to a Tech-y Geek. He has a camera that is made by Cannon but is actually NOT technically an SLR. But, it does have some of the features of an SLR for a fraction of the price. It’s called a Cannon Power Shot. Really cool, light weight, fun to use camera. Batman (my Cutie Hubs) had it set on “program”. I changed that over to manual, got rid of the flash and went in the yard to play around with it, til it started sprinkling. Then, I took some more shots inside.
A few notes, the flash NEVER looks good. Just turn it off and up the aperture value to let in more light. The second thing is that zoom is good, but if you can actually get up in the subject’s face, literally, the pic will pop off the page. Close ups are just more aesthetically pleasing. Lastly, find the beauty in the world around you and capture it!!!!

Just an average picture? No. The light was out, no flash and just barely light coming in the window from a cloudy sky. I cranked the Aperture Value and the lengthened out the shutter speed to 15 seconds. I had to hold the camera still for that long!

I like the focus in this pic, with all the background kinda blurred out. This has to do with your Aperture Value setting, too. And then I realized I needed a pedicure! I rectified that and I now have perfectly polished pink toenails!
Batman working on my car. The transmission cross member (The large bracket-like piece of metal that holds the transmission on the car) was completely broken in two! Weird that the BMW service department didn’t catch it while it was still under warranty when they checked out the transmission a month ago…
He has no idea he is being photographed by his stalker wifey, hehe!

He just realized that I am armed and dangerous.
Tried to get a nice focus here, not sure it worked. But, Batman noticed the dirt in this picture and so he washed all the wheels! I guess that’s one way to get my car cleaned =)

This is a weed growing in the backyard. I love the lens focus!!! It got all the details!

Grass, up close and personal.

More blades of grass.

My ring!

Not sure what these are. They fall off the tree so probably seeds of some sort. I liked how they looked lying against the concrete driveway.

Moss Rose.

More Moss Rose.

Salt Shaker. I like his outline against the light coming through the window.

This is actually a wax sealer for the old fashioned way of sealing envelopes. It doubles as a decoration on my console table!

This spider was hanging out in my planter. When I started taking his picture he climbed and hopped and gradually got closer and closer. I don’t know if he is a vain spider and wanted his picture taken or if he wanted to attack me. This was a little too close for me!

A vine that I have had for a while, but this is the first year it bloomed!


Not sure what this plant is called.


Lai Lai’s. Not the best chinese in town, but the good one is closed on Saturday!!!!


One thought on “Camera Fun

  1. I forgot to mention that you can also get an app for your smart phone called Photoshop Express. It has some fun features. Kinda like Instagram but with more control over the effects.

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