What Photoshop Can Do With a So-So Pic

You can transform this…

..to THIS!

I (finally) finished my first Photoshop class. Yay for me! Anyway, I was messing around with the camera one day, just trying to get to know it better and snapped this photo. It was nothing special (except for the fact the my cutie hubs is in it). So, I thought I would run it thru Photoshop and see what happens.

The first thing I did was change it to black and white. Not exactly what I wanted.

Oh WAIT! That’s not the first thing I did! The first thing I did was duplicate the background with a new layer. I usually forget to do this. But, this is VERY, VERY, VERY important. The class I took really stressed that and if I would remember to do this more often, I would save myself a lot of headache! Anytime you make an adjustment, a new layer should be made. That way if you don’t like it, just delete the layer. Simple, yet so very crucial. 
So, not liking my black and white layer, I deleted it. I then decide to mess with the hue. Start by making a new layer. When you duplicate a layer it will usually be named copy, copy1, copy2, etc. I usually name my layer based on the action that I am doing on that layer. So this layer is named “Hue”. To rename the layer just double click on the name.
There’s a nifty menu of tools under “Image” at the top of your screen. Clicking on that will drop down a menu with “Adjustments”. That will drop down another menu and you will find “Hue/Saturation.” Or you could use the handy built in shortcut and hit “Ctrl” and “U” on your keyboard. A small window should have popped up. Now you have sliders and a rainbow looking thingy at the top. There is a check box with the option to colorize, which I checked. I just kinda played with the sliders until I had the rich BLUE and white that I wanted.

But I still wanted to add some light so his face wasn’t so dark. So, duplicate the background layer and then reposition it be above the “Hue” layer by clicking and holding the layer while you drag it to the top of your stack. Then go to the side bar menu on the right side where it says “Layers” and change the layer style from “Normal” to “Soft Light” by clicking the arrow with the drop down menu on the right. Where it says “Opacity” there is an arrow to the right. Clicking on this will pop up a slider where you can change the percentage of opacity or transparency of that layer. I used a percentage of 44.
This lightened up the side of his face quite a bit, but it still had a very noticeable shadow.  So I added a lense flare. To do this go to the “Filter” menu located at the tool bar across the top of the screen. Clicking on it will drop down a menu. Click on “Render” and another menu opens. Now click on “Lens Flare” which will open a window. On this menu there are 4 different lens flares to pick from. I used the “105 mm Prime” lens flare because it has the least amount of yellow. At the top of this window there is a mini version of your photo. This is your preview and also has a target that you can move around to reposition where the flare will be by clicking and dragging. I moved the flare to just behind his ear. Below the preview photo is a slider that is a percentage tool. I used a percentage of 127.
This added some light to his face, but took away some of the rich blue color.  Make a copy of your hue layer. Now change the layer style from “Normal” to “Color Burn”. This will add richness to all your colors. Now just crop and save. This pic is now frame worthy!
We posted this to Big G’s Facebook wall. Maybe they will give us free food!
Photoshop is an amazing and fun tool. I have had so much fun with it and learning about it. It has changed my crafty life, for sure. Maybe it could change your crafty life, too!

2 thoughts on “What Photoshop Can Do With a So-So Pic

  1. Don't worry Kelly Bea, it scared me, too, lol! I sorta got thrown into head first it at work. Started working for the cutie hubs family biz that we affectionately refer to as 'the empire'. But, the great news is that Jessica Sprague over at Big Picture Classes is a fun and effective online teacher. I have also started (and not yet completed) classes through Lynda.com. Not as fun, but effective. So, don't be afraid, just take a class! You will have fun, I promise!!!

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