Organize me!!!

I love crafting! It’s such a creative release to create something pretty, useful, fun, etc. It’s the one place in life where I can be more free and open. My OCD doesn’t kick in and take over. I don’t have to have perfectly symmetrical designs. The pics don’t have to line up or be an even number on both sides. They can be angled different ways, stacked, or even different sizes. The embellishments do not have to be all from the same kit and all matchy-matchy. Who would want that any way? I like to think of it as messy with a purpose.

I like my house to be organized. I like things put away, not cluttered and messy. I like my towels folded a certain way. I like my throw pillows in a certain order on the sofa. I like the bed made everyday. yes, I am that person that has an organized underwear drawer.

I enjoy games that require high levels of organizational skills. I have a strong urge to straighten shelves at the grocery store. I love lists and schedules and itineraries. Basically, I’m a perfectionist in a lot of ways.

And, then there’s my craft room. I make such a mess in there. And, it stays that way. It’s kind of a paradox. It’s as though an alternate universe exists in that room. I do not understand why it is that way.

Every once in a while it starts to bother me. How can the whole house be so neat and tidy and then my craft room look a disaster zone? It is not messy with a purpose. It’s just messy.

So here is my challenge to all of my readers. Organize me. I need tips on how to organize my craft room so that my work space flows well and is easier to keep tidy. So give me your best tips and tricks! I will be sitting here by my laptop eagerly awaiting all your wonderful words of wisdom!


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