Adding Emphasis

I Absolutely LOVE this photo of Jerad’s and my hands. This was not posed at all. I didn’t even know the photographer was taking shots of our hands. Its such a sweet and natural looking pose, because it is. That’s one of the things I loved about Becky, she really knew how to capture the moment, not just take posed, fixed formal shots. She captured the feelings and emotions of the day. To me this picture says it all.

I really wanted to add emphasis to this one, so it got it’s own page! I haven’t been doing that lately since I have so many pics and not enough “real estate” left in my album, but this one deserved it’s own space.

I also used a smaller pic as part of  my embellishment cluster. I think it’s a great way to add emphasis. The little mini reflects the sweetness behind the larger pic and really lets it shine. It’s a strong statement that I love. I also adore the little pearl tipped pin. I had some that came from Close to My Heart in the Bling assortment, but I think this one was actually from one of the boutonnieres.

I hope this inspires you to go make your own crafty life happen!


4 thoughts on “Adding Emphasis

  1. I love this page, Abigail. You're right about Becky. She did some great photos from your wedding. And thanks for linking to my blog. 😀 Can you show me how to do that? I can't figure it out. LOL

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