They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Yet, we find that sometimes journaling is vital to completing and rounding out our story on a scrapbook page. In today’s featured project, I have a scrapbook spread with wedding pics taken at the spot where my husband proposed. It’s this wonderful burger place called Hugo’s that is in a basement downtown. Its kind of a hole in the wall that all the locals favor. We were waiting up on the sidewalk for our table and it was quiet, not many people around. We don’t have pics of that night, but it was quite a moment. Even a camel walked by. Yes, a camel.

We were a block from the square and they happened to have a nativity scene on the square. It was a cold wintery night, but suddenly out of now where all these random people are walking by and staring. My poor husband. He was not really wanting it to be that crowded. A guy even came out of the Tangerine bar, which is above the restaurant, to smoke. And, then the camel walks by. It was like something out of a movie. Some people were annoyed that my husband was on one knee blocking the sidewalk. Others were looking on dreamily, some even stopped to see how it would all turn out.

Randomly, this was also the restaurant we went to on his second visit to see me. We had a large group of people and we weren’t officially dating, yet. We went salsa dancing at Scarpino’s afterward. So much fun!!! Hugo’s turned into one of our favorite date spots. We still like to eat there when we sneak away to visit my old town.

So naturally we wanted some wedding pics there. But, how do you get all that on a scrapbook page? That’s where journaling comes in. I used a photo stack on both pages and the journaling is underneath those. It’s a great way to sneak in a large journaling block and still have room for all your pics! I have 5 pics and two large journaling blocks on these two pages!

I love the ruched ribbon at the top of both of the photo stacks. Adds instant elegance to the page! On the left side you can see that we are a reflection in the window of the Tangerine bar. One the right side you can see the opening to the steps that take you down to Hugo’s.

This is the left page with the photo lifted to reveal a large journaling block. These papers are by Bo Bunny I believe. The stamp on the back of the photo is from Close To My Heart.

This is the right page with the first photo in the photo stack lifted to reveal another photo placed on a transparent overlay. For more info on overlays see my blog post on Aug 8, 2012 titled “Transparencies and Photo Stacks.

This is the third photo in the photo stack. I love the turquoise in this photo, even though it doesn’t exactly match our wedding colors!

I love the “out takes” just as much as the poised, pretty photos. It is a memory of a special day and takes me back there when I look through all the photos, whether “frame-worthy” or not. It just didn’t seem right to not include these photos in the scrapbook as well.

The final photo is lifted and reveals a second journaling spot. OOPSY! I sorta misspelled “Hugo’s.” Not sure how that happened! But, when that happens I usually re-write the word or phrase on another paper and just paste it on top. It adds emphasis and interest and looks like it was meant to be. Shh, don’t tell!!


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