Transparencies and Photo Stacks

I really love photo stacks. Its such a great use of space on a scrapbook page. All the luscious layers peeking out from underneath are so beckoning and mysterious. It’s as though they are begging you to open up and see what treasures lie beneath.

I have a new love. They are called over-lays or transparencies and they are just that. They are kinda hard to find, but so worth it. They are a see-through plastic-y material with a print on them. And, when you add them to a photo stack they really come alive!

The left page of this spread showcases a photo stack with a transparent overlay.

Notice how in the bottom left corner, the photo is peeking out beneath the overlay. I also love the fun pink party decoration streamer kinda pleated and ruffled at the top. It’s an inexpensive way to add glam to a page!

This close-up shows the print on the overlay. They come in many colors and designs.

I left a spot for journaling beneath the first layer of the photo stack. Journaling is an important way to share your memories. I wanted the left to show all the bloopers of the children’s photos. It’s so hard to keep 3 children under age five in one place and all smiling at the same time. The right page shows the winning shot. But, I think all the photos are great as each child’s personality shines through and we had so much fun taking these shots. It’s not always about having the perfect photo!

The bottom layer of the photo stack. There are a total of 8 photos on this spread.


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