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I like to think of Photoshop as sort of a non-organic scrapbook medium. I have had the privilege to be thrown into learning Photoshop headfirst at work. When I came on board last year, I had never used Photoshop. I have never had a full Photoshop class. I did the first two online lessons of a web-based class last year, but I never completed it. Mostly because at work, I am always busy. After having admitted that, I think I do pretty good.

I don’t know if anyone noticed my new logo at the top of my blog here or not, but I’m pretty proud of it. I wanted a unique logo and so I took a picture of a zebra striped scarf I had. The colors are black and cream on the scarf, so I changed the cream to a brilliant white. I made a mask and sort of scrubbed the edges away to get a more edgy look.

Then, I got a free download from It was a womans face with a rose in her hair and she was wearing pearls. I isolated out the rose and had to change the hue of it quite a bit. It was originally a pink rose with orangey-pink tipped petals. But, I wanted all pink! So after that, I placed it on top of the zebra stripped picture I had.

Next, I dropped in a text box with a pretty font. I added an outer glow, an overlay, an inner glow and embossed it.

The last thing I did was to add some layers behind all that and mask it off and to pour a bucket of paint in it to make that nice pink border, which I matched to the outline feature that blogger came with. I think it coordinates very nicely!

I will always love scrapbooking and the hands on organic feel that it has. But, I really like creating beautiful things in Photoshop as well!!! I hope you enjoy the lovely new logo!

P. S. Comments are totally welcome! I do moderate them, but only for spam and inappropriate words. So feel free to offer feedback and comments and ask questions =)


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