Puzzle of a Boy

This is a cute little wooden frame with a picture of my nephew. 

But this is not just a frame, its a also puzzle! I made this fun puzzle for my nephew, Josh. He is working on dexterity skills and this seemed to be the perfect toy for that. I found a balsa wood puzzle kit at the craft store and simply used scrapbook papers and a computer printout of a picture of Josh. I found that to be easier to cut out than an actual photo. I used Mod-Podge (but I’m sure there are other decoupage brands that work just as well). To make the puzzle pieces I simply glued the papers to the wood pieces and then turned them over with the paper side down. I then used a craft knife to cut out the shape from the back side. It was a challenge for sure to cut all the way thru the papers, but it seemed the easiest way at the time. I guess you could also trace around the shapes and cut it out with scissors before you glue it all together.

I also decorated the back with papers using a coordinating color scheme.

I think this is a fun and useful toy. I hope Josh has as much fun with it as I did!


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