Shopping organizer

Today I wanted to share a project that is older, but has been a very useful one. I took an old notebook and cut out the pages. I then glued in scrapbook pages, and decorated the cover.
On this first page I have a decorative paper clip that holds my list of  “good for you foods” just in case they were not on my list but when I get to the store I find that they are on sale.
The next page has the other side of the decorative paper clip that I use to hold in my shopping list. I also do price matching at Wal-Mart so I include that price too.There is also a pocket that I use to hold Wal-Marts ad match guarantee policy. 

The next page has another pocket to hold coupons.
The final page has two pen holders. I used a stretchy elastic that had rhinestone bling on it. I love my sparkles! I fastened the elastic to the paper with brads. You never know when you are going to need a pen at the store to edit your list, or cross off your list as you go!
This is the back cover with the same blingy elastic. I use this to wrap around the front cover to keep it closed when I toss it in my purse.
I love this project because it is pretty and when I go to the grocery store it makes me smile to have a handmade pink organizer!



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