Crafty Menu Planner

There is always room for being more organized. And, I love a good planner. So, today I made a menu planner from a pin board. Here is what I started with:

First I thought about what colors would look good in my kitchen. The kitchen has kind of a Tuscan/terracotta color on the wall. I also thought about the picture hanging above the pin board and how I could coordinate the theme and colors so everything looks well together.

I tried to think of the pin board as a giant scrapbook page. I made a border around the edges as sort of a frame or mat. You can use push pins to do this but, I chose hot glue. It is more permanent, but its not as messy and busy looking as having a bunch of push pins all over the board.

Then, I found a Heidi Swapp paper that I thought would look great next to the picture above the pin board because it has a similar checkered border. It was too large for the space I needed so I cut it. But, I wanted to keep the border so I cut the border off first and then glued it back on the final re-sized paper .

This is what I ended up with. I think the border adds just the right touch!

Now it’s time to add some bling! I tried to not get too carried away because it’s for the kitchen, but as you can see I added a solid blue paper matted with a neutral print paper. I stamped the capital letters and free-handed the lowercase letters of the “Menu du Jour”. I added a swirly sticker and some black pearls. I matted a piece of leftover scrap paper from another project and tucked it underneath the title.

 I loved this piece of paper for this project because it shows a chef serving food to a king. It was funny in an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter sort of way. Idk, it makes me smile  🙂  I think it pairs nicely with the picture above the pin board that shows a chef serving fish to a woman on a sidewalk cafe and the cat is eying the fish.

 I hot glued an ornament to the frame. I thought the black fleur de lis matched the blue fleur de lis background paper beautifully. I bought up a bunch of ornaments after Christmas time on clearance. A lot of ornaments are not Christmas themed so they work great on other projects!

Next, I added some title journaling: Days of the week! I left spaces underneath the days of the week to pin the meal papers to.

This is what it looks like next to the picture above.

Now the final touch: Adding your meals! I keep random pieces of scrap paper for this. You can use colored and printed papers, but I find solid lighter colors work best. Simply pin the meal you want underneath the day of the week. When you are done with that meal, you can discard it or save it for later use. I find there are a few staple meals that I repeat regularly so it’s good to save those papers. Another thing I do is if I find a recipe in a magazine that I want to try I simply pin it to the board. It keeps it in a handy place while I am cooking so I can refer back to it. If it’s a keeper then I scrapbook it into my recipe scrapbook, if not I toss it.

Another great thing about this board is when I go to the store, I can take a picture on my phone so I can have my meal plan handy while grocery shopping.

I hope you can try this fun, cute but functional meal planner!


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